James T. Harris, the ringmaster of the Conservative Circus, is heard by millions people in the Phoenix Valley and across the U.S. daily on KFYI 550 AM Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

James, better known as the Beautiful Man, got his start in Milwaukee, Madison, and Tucson where he did weekend and fill-in shows. James took Tucson afternoon drive time by storm in 2011. After a seven year run, the Conservative Circus opened The Big Top in Phoenix.

James believes that conversation is the spice of life. By treating his guests and callers with the utmost respect and empathy, James enjoys a solid footing in Arizona politics statewide. The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris radio show offers a variety of subjects to listeners ranging from local civic, philanthropic, and political events to national news.

A fearless conservative, James T. Harris (The Ringmaster) has proven that his show is not afraid to tackle the tough issues but humor is always part of the equation.

Using a social media presence that is unmatched among Arizona’s radio and television hosts, the James T. Harris show is a daily staple for listeners across the political spectrum in Arizona and the nation. Listeners, who want the inside information on the politicians and policies that shape their lives as well as a unique perspective on social issues, enjoy the Conservative Circus all over Arizona and the nation on the radio, through Facebook, and the iHeart app.
Pass the popcorn! Welcome to the greatest show on earth!