History does not only have seasons and rhythms – it rhymes and speaks to us. If we are willing to listen.

For more than 20 years, James T. Harris has been a sought-after international speaker, cultural and political commentator, and radio talk show host. He has spoken to a vast array of audiences – from hundreds of thousands of attendees at sports arenas, to small groups of business leaders, academics and students.

James has been published in a variety of news media, including The Washington Post, USA Today, Town Hall and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – just to name a few. His perspective and commentary have been featured on CNN, FOX News Network and ABC News, as well as a host of local television, radio and online programs.

There’s a reason for this.

James T. Harris invites audiences to observe culture in ways that they have not before. His varied experiences – growing up in a Midwest rustbelt manufacturing hub, studying in the U.K., traveling the world (and getting lost on three continents), raising a family in a central-city urban neighborhood and later in a wealthy suburb, living as a American of African descent but also with an independent mind unbound by race – help to illuminate the seasons, rhythms and rhymes of history and society.

Ignite your event with the power of cultural and historical storytelling that will both enlighten and inspire. Give your audience an experience that they will never forget by partnering with James T. Harris.