The James T Harris Show


James T Harris is a multi-faceted talk show host who dilivers the top news stories in an entertaining and informative fastion.

James T. began his unique relationship with talk radio as an avid listener who became a regular caller, who quickly became a favorite weekend talk show host. Because of this evolution, he knows how to create radio that appeals to the listener’s ear, drawing them in and capturing the audience’s imagination. This results in ‘appointment radio’; it creates a listening atmosphere that is engaging, and must not be missed.

Listeners are drawn to what James T. Harris has dubbed ‘The Conservative Circus.’ Here, cocoa conservatism is served fresh daily, with a variety of contributors that keep the audience informed, entertained, and engaged; so much so that James T. Harris’ radio listening audience has a lexicon all its own.

It turned out, that the upper mid-west wasn’t the only region in America with a taste for Conservative Cocoa under the big top. After a few wildly successful fill ins, the Circus found a home in Tucson, AZ, where the ringmaster, known as The Beautiful Man, can be heard weekdays, from 3-6, on 104.1KQTH, Tucson’s News and Talk.



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