House Speaker John Boehner is coming to Arizona on the 29th to support two Republican candidates who have contested primaries.

Contested primaries…
In other words the Empire (who I no longer speak for) is striking back against conservatives by doing what the Main Stream media does… He’s picking our candidates! Why else would Speaker Boehner (the crying, Cowardly Lion in search of courage personified) insert himself in a Republican primary?
Because my friends, Boehner is bona fide Establishment and the Establishment has made it’s choice: Andy (Too lame to campaign) Tobin and Martha ‘Mustang’ McSally… (Lie Sally Lie!).

It is not a coincidence that conservatives like Adam Kwasman are getting the cold shoulder. The old guard never savored the taste of tea (party) and Captain Arizona is a little bit too Ted Cruse-y. Tub of Tobin is a safe, white…bland, Republican. He’s been tried and found wanting… Perfect!

Mustang McSally, on the other hand, is a Colonel (retired) and is an innovator and trailblazer. *Snicker*. She was the first woman in U.S. history to command a Fighter Squadron in combat and the first woman in history to take off in an A-10 Wart Hog without gassing it up! True story. Incidentally, my wife does that all the time, only she’s not “driving” an 8 million dollar angel of death. That and the fact that the Air Force has covered over a myriad of McSally missteps makes Martha “Mustang” McSally uniquely qualified to be supported by… The Establishment.

I have a suggestion. If you find this Horn Fest nauseating (Event sponsor, $10,400 per person!!!) Cut a check to Kwasman for $104.00 or $10.40. Either way, it will be money well spent and it will send a message. All I can say about Boehner’s endorsement of Mustang McSally is I’m thinking about trying some Crispy Chicken… even though I know it will give me the runs!

As heard with James T. Harris, Tuesday March 25, 2014 (podcast)

Published in 2014

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