Is the A-10 made with Chinese parts? Somebody should ask Senator Jeff Flake because he's not returning my calls since his vote against the "made in the USA ALL AMERICAN Wart Hog!!!"

Just one more reason to question the Air Force, Congress and The Flake.

By the way... anybody else getting fed up with the government cavalierly bending and breaking the law to suit its whims?

Published in 2014
Saturday, 25 January 2014 22:30

Senator Fake's Gang Mistake

According to the Arizona Daily Star, Senator Jeff the Flake is proud to be a gang member... A gangster. Webster defines gangster: a member of a group of violent criminals;


Not a definition I would want attributed to me, especially as a US Senator, but
Senator "Fake" Oops!, I mean Flake, has different ideals. No scratch that, he doesn't have ideals; he is only driven by what increases his power. Public service, right? Someone worried only about his own gain and not those he pretends to serve. Just like McCain, another Flake, Oops! I meant fake! Two of The Gang of 8 are Arizonans... Sigh. I wonder what Chucky Shumer thinks about the A-10? Is he on the same page as Senator Flake? The Arizona Daily Star reported Flakes latest positon of the fate of the A-10. When asked, "Would you support retiring the A-10 as a cost-saving measure?" Flake replied: "The long-term schedule is for the F-35 to take the place of the A-10.The problem is right now you don’t have anything to fill the A-10’s slot to provide close air support. The F-35 is a long way off.Ultimately, if the F-35 can take that place, fine. But in the interim, we “probably need the A-10. I don’t think the A-10 mission will end quickly."

"I don't think the A-10 mission will end quickly." Nice... More 'fakiness' from Flake seeing he reciently voted against extending the life of A-10. I think Flake should have stopped at, "I don't think..."

Published in 2014

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