Prop 123 supporters spent approximately $10.23 per vote. The opponents of Prop 123 spent approximately $.02. As of the time of this writing (2 days after the election), the state is still counting the votes!

At this point, it's 49.52%, no. 50.48%, yes. That's razor thin. The question I had for AZ State Treasurer Jeff Dewit was simple...
What's that tell you?

His answer was explosive!!!

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AZ State Treasurer Jeff Dewit dropped into the Circus and carpet bombs Gov. Ducey's Prop 123!

If you can still vote for Prop 123 after listening to this interview... You are part of the establishment!

*Establishment is anyone who is happy with or benefits from the status quo and will lose power, money and influence with change. Establishment Can be many of us even outside of Washington D.C. because many benefit from their monopoly on power. Anyone who now benefits from the theft society and is resistant to change based on their own selfishness is... The Establishment! - Jeff Ustch

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