On Monday, Jose Orlando Campuzano-Miranda was sentenced to a mere 10.5 years after he was found guilty on 27 different charges for his involvement in the invasion of three Tucson homes back in May. Six people, including a minor beneath the age of twelve, had their lives changed forever when they were held up at gun point and threatened in Spanish as the contents of their homes were taken three illegal aliens.

This is scary stuff you can finish the article here.

Our Millennial Man On The Street, David Ahumada was in the courtroom. Listen here to his first hand account of the proceedings. 




Published in FAIR #Feet2Fire2016
Saturday, 25 June 2016 19:14

Don Rosenberg

Don Rosenberg's son Drew was killed by illegal alien. He is the founder of unlicensedtokill.org

Don's world was suddenly upended when his son Drew was killed by an illegal alien driver in San Francisco. This tragedy – and the inability to get justice for his son Drew – repurposed Don's life and he now spends his days passionately fighting to keep illegal alien drivers off the road and educating state and national leaders about the need to regain control of the nation's borders.

Don says he honestly wishes he knew nothing about the immigration issue, but life has forced him to become an expert.

Prepare yourself... This interview is literally jaw dropping!

Published in FAIR #Feet2Fire2016

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