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Wednesday, 22 July 2015 16:09

Planned Parenthood Meat Market

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015 14:00

This Is What You Call A Brutal Shredding.

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"At long last, does the man who accused the vast majority of Mexican immigrants of being drug-addicted rapist have no sense of decency?" - Jon Steward

This is Brutal.


Finally! A Democrat has weighed in on the Planned Parenthood controversy! No laws were broken according to Harry Reid. "Videos don’t prove Planned Parenthood broke the law..." That's all, folks! Nothing to see here! 

Move along!

Harry Reid is despicable. He hides behinds a possible technicality to protect Planned Parenthood's butchery... as is the New York Times editorial board.  Both are doing their damnedest to protect the "caught on tape" baby chop shop activities of Planned Parenthood. The problem that they and the rest of the Democrat Party face is that this story is not going away. Word is there are many more horrific secret videos on the way. Reid and the Times have broken silence. In other words the target is lit and hot.

Bombs away! 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 17:06

Bernie Sings!

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MRCTV has uncoverd Bernie Sanders hiden past! Bernie and Thirty Vermont Artist Recorded WE SHALL OVERCOME in November of 1987. Listen (video below) in as Berine belts out This Land is Your Land. What do you think? lol Why did Bernie need thirty back up singers?


Over the weekend in Tucson, AZ five puppies were found dead in a plastic bag on the side of the road by a couple of young children. Their father was even interviewed. The shocking news made the rotation for radio, TV and the newspaper for a full cycle. Tucson-based Animal Defense Council is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individuals responsible for the heinous slaughtering of the puppies. That’s $200 per puppy. 


That’s more than what Planned Parenthood thinks aborted baby body parts are worth.


A second Planned Parenthood video has been released. This one is worse than the first. It flies in the face of the notion that if women ruled the world, nations would be more kind and compassionate... FALSE. These female doctors running Planned Parenthood are ghouls... butchers. Once again, over lunch in what apperars to be a trendy upscale eatery, hidden video captures another Planned Parenthood doctor haggling over baby body parts. At one point, Dr. Mary Gatter actually says she doesn't want to “low ball” the price because she wants a Lamborghini. 

It gets worse.

In one of the most chilling exchanges, Dr. Gatter, a senior executive at Planned Parenthood, talks about changing abortion methods in order to get the “whole specimen” the faux buyer is requesting. That would entail using a “less crunchy” vacuuming technique for a 10 to 12 week developing baby.

Less crunchy.

Our world is upside down. We now live in a society where people show more outrage over the slaying of puppies than they do over the ghoulsih slaying, dismembering and trafficking of developing human body parts.

What's next? Baby lampshades?

(See video below)



Tuesday, 21 July 2015 11:29

Is The Left Cracking Up? Yes!

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Remember the 1968 Democrat convention? Remember when hippies almost scared America to death? Old Democrats do and they're afraid that history might be repeating itself! 

The Netroots Nation conference, which is described as being a conference to "amplify progressive voices" and "educate, stimulate and inspire the nation's next generation of progressive leaders," took place in Phoenix, Arizona and displayed shades of the same kind of crazy the Baby Boomers did at the DNC convention in 1968.

Who will emerge as the Millenial Abbie Hoffman? #blacklivesmatter? La Raza? All eyes will be on Philadelphia next summer as the lunatic left once again threatens to deliver a presidential landslide to the GOP!



Monday, 20 July 2015 16:37

Tax The White Man

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Mark Dice is at it again! This time he's asking minorities in San Diego, California to sign a petition to support adding a "White Privilege Tax" on the income of all Americans of European descent. That's right. Impliment a racist policy to fight racism. If it were not for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all. See video below!

Saturday, 18 July 2015 18:24

3, 2, 1... Implode!

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That didn't take long! The Don went all Maverick on McCain by slamming him for "being captured in Vietnam" and provided the rest of the Republican field the opening they needed to condemn Trump and banish him from the land! It was fun while it lasted but questioning a man's service to his country is not only dumb, the fact that McCain was a prisoner of war, makes Trumps attack THE third rail political gaffs.

Trump should know better. I am no fan of McCain but even I thanked the man for his service to this country, before I boldly begged him to take it to Obama.

Just saying!


“He was a nice kid from a nice family, and he was as American as anybody else.” - This is CNN.

This like a bad joke. Liberals are in denial and as usual, the MSM (Main Stream Media) is leading the way. Down the rabbit hole go! Fasten safety belts before you watch this!  




U.S. and Iranian officials confirmed Thursday that  American nuclear inspectors just got screwed and will not be permitted to enter the country’s contested nuclear site. For real. You can read about it right here.

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