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It could be a great match up, the NFL vs. the NBA… only I’m comparing the supporters of Cliven Bundy (cowboys) to the supporters of the L.A. Clippers (race hustling poverty pimps)

Notice the two responses to ownership crisis… patriotism vs. racial grievance.

Bundy’s cowboys are patriots, willing to peacefully sacrifice their lives for the principles that built this nation and made it strong. The League of Justice Brothas (Al & Jesse) and their legion of protestors are demanding racial reparations in the form of a man’s property because… wait for it… Clippers owner Donald Sterling doesn’t like black people!


Bundy’s cowboys were armed, yet raised their empty hands and advanced in peaceful protest against a tyrannical land grab by an out of control federal government…

Meanwhile race hustlers, including POTUS, advance on an NBA team owner holding signs of moral indignation, economic boycott and threats of property redistribution because they don’t like the racist things he said.

Clippers players turned their jerseys inside out, demanding nothing… except solidarity in collecting that paycheck!

And just think, Cliven Bundy is the racist for asking if the Negro would be better off working on a plantation…


The year was 1982, and the location was the University of Wisconsin’s campus in Madison. While listening to cassette tapes of Louis Farrakhan, I was invited to a Bible study by a young man who came from what many of the blacks from Wisconsin called “Whitefolks” Bay (Whitefish Bay). He was immediately identifiable—from the crisply pressed blue oxford shirt to the perfectly tailored tan khaki pants, down to the shiny brown penny loafers. His appearance was the textbook definition of a preppy, conservative, Republican.

I hated him on sight.

But I witnessed him do something that I had never seen another conservative do; he was able to actively embrace multiple ethnic groups without cultural blinders. I went to that Bible study, and a Christian conservative was born. This man’s approach to people with backgrounds that differed from his own changed my heart and my mind. He touched the third rail of race and lived to talk about it.

In a recent article from Town Hall, Tom Tradup asks if race is the “third rail of talk radio.” He asked the question because he noticed the lack of black voices in talk radio coming to Paul Ryan’s defense after the congressman was recently blindsided by a firestorm of accusations of racism. This begged the understandable question—where are those voices? Mr. Tradup asserted that “if talk radio is to broaden its appeal to minority audiences, it will need to create and develop ethnic talent, including Hispanic conservatives, locally and nationally.”

I happen to be a conservative talk radio host, and an American of African descent. While I did not disagree with the statement, I did feel uncomfortable with one of the underlying assumptions of Tradup’s proposition. Despite his good intentions, Mr. Tradup is exhibiting a fallacious thought process. He is ignoring what already exists to bolster his perception of what needs to happen. Conservative minority voices do not need to be developed or created for they are already here. I know several of them.

There are already minority conservatives out here laboring. We are writing, talking, speaking and doing everything we can do to make sure our voices are heard. Yet it seems as if all is to no avail, if as Tradup asserts, it is up to talk radio to create and cultivate minority talent. If we cannot be seen, it is almost as though the industry and Mr. Tradup are wearing those very cultural blinders my friend lacked, and they miss seeing us because we are not the standard black liberal charlatans they are accustomed to hearing and dismissing.

Like Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.

It seems as though true ethnic conservative voices have not garnered the attention of the industry. But that will change as the industry realizes that this group of conservatives represents an untapped market, eager to participate in the free exchange of ideas and commerce. Let’s face it. There is money to be made in expanding the reach of what has historically been seen as the realm of the “traditional” definition of conservative. Conservatives no longer only wear starched shirts, blue blazers and red ties. The face of conservatism is changing, thanks in no small part, to those program directors who choose to ignore cultural blinders and embrace conservative ideas coming from diverse voices.

I thank Tom Tradup for starting a conversation that is long overdue. But talk radio does not need to cultivate ethnic talent. Talk radio only needs to continue to capitalize on the ethnic talent that is right under the industry’s nose.

Originally posted on http://townhall.com/columnists/jamesharris/2014/05/14/race-the-underground-railroad-of-conservatism-n1837306

Monday, 09 June 2014 19:59

CALL TODAY: Fund the A-10 in FY 2015

The House Appropriations Committee is conducting their full committee markup of the fiscal year 2015 Defense Appropriations Bill on Tuesday, June 10th at 9:30 a.m. The Air Force is putting a full court press on House Appropriations Committee members. Calls, emails, and visits to House Appropriations Committee members from A-10 supporters are needed. Message: Fund the A-10 in FY 2015!

Click here for contacts.

Connect the dots.. la, la, la la… Attention Tucson! Here are your Talking Points.

Earlier this month Frank Antenori repeated Jeff Flakes talking points on Emil (I stab at thee!) Franzi’s blog. I have learned in my short time here that Emil is the hit man for Ray Carroll and the GOP establishment. (Who by the way, I no longer speak for.)

Now Antenori is telling Tucson to move on, that the A-10 will be mothballed, “it’s inevitable” and that what we really need is… WAIT FOR IT!... New technologies! Sort of like the kind Raytheon makes! Where Frank works… Hey, I ain’t mad! I’m just asking why can’t we do both? I mean save the A-10 UNTIL we develop new technologies? Why must one be done without the other if Close Air Support is the objective? Well because CAS is not the priority.

Connect the dots la,la, la, la!

Don’t look now but Doug Ducey has weighed in. Ducey is shaping up to be the GOP establishment pick for Gov. of Arizona. Doug is cool and Lord knows I love da ice cream, HOWEVER, what’s this shiggady I read in the Arizona Daily Star? Big D.D. shared “his” thoughts on Davis Monthan and the A-10 with this little ditty, “The key will be to avoid second-guessing the military's decision to adopt new weapon systems.”

Whaaaaaaaat? Paging Jeff Flake, Paging Senator Jeff Flake, Frank Antenori and Doug Ducey have stolen your talking points!

Side Bar! Ducey didn’t say that when I asked him about the A-10. Now I’m wondering how many companies besides Raytheon in AZ develop weapon systems? Just saying.

Connect the dots la,la, la, la!

Enter the wing men (and woman). Everyone knows that McSally just fired most of her staff. (You did know that, right?) The campaign is in crisis. They ran out of gas… *Snicker

Establishment Panic ensues. I mean Speaker Boehner did raise a lot of cash for this cast of characters!

Now, lo and behold, Ray Carroll and Ramon Valadez write an op-ed in… Wait for it, WAIT FOR IT… The Arizona Daily Star! They repeat Flake's talking points and promote Congressman Ron ‘Crispy Chicken’ Barber all in one shot. (I guess if the first female A-10 pilot flames out ya gotta for the Crispy Chicken. It’s fried and true!

What about Chuck Wooden you say? Yes, he is Air Force and actually knows the issue inside out, outside in and up-side-down? No! That’s why he would make a bad choice Plus he’s conservative. ‘We are the establishment, stupid! Conservatives need not apply.’

Connect the dots! La, la, la, la!

When you think about it, there was a disturbing dot in Ducey’s argument in the Arizona Daily Star on encroachment. He was referring to Pima County and the recent purchase of land with Military Installation Funds. Now the purchase could be part of a wider strategy to perpetuate the myth that the F-35 will come to Tucson and they must buy land to stop encroachment for it because….

Naaaaa! Probably just the same ole graft that is bankrupting, handcuffing the County while enriching the usual suspects. That’s my guess.

In the mean time…

No matter how you slice it the dots line up against the A-10. Don’t ask questions! Doug said so! Plus Frank says it’s a done deal and McSally got ejected from her cockpit and well, Flake is a flake. Just bend over and grab the ankles Tucson because according to the blue pill bobble heads it’s not about the mission, it’s about the politicians and hey… They’re just not into you.

We're being told that a company from New York has been hired to provide services for the children of illegal aliens being housed in Nogales.

Despite the fact that local companies big for the contract, it was awarded to Deployed Resources out of Rome, New York.

We have obtained a copy of the contract and we're it sharing here.

U.S. Air Force briefing on the capabilities of the A-10. click here

Two shots of the same scene.

Residents and concerned citizens gathered in Oracle, AZ to protest the busing if illegal immigrant children into a boys home in their area and NBC News chose to leave out the Mexican protestor when they covered the scene, while the Arizona Daily Independant News chose to include him.

No media bias here ...


At exactly 1:02:33 PM today, 2 days after the 2014 Arizona Primary Election, the Secretary of State reported that 519,187 or 15.99 percent of registered voters had cast their ballot.

At exactly 1:26:29 today, 2 days after the 2014 Arizona Primary Election, the Secretary of State reported that 727,627 or 22.41 percent of registered voters had cast their ballot.

No big deal right, the numbers went up. But they didn’t for a while. The latest numbers of ballots cast - 727,627 – disappeared for a while today. That’s right – an entire County – the biggest county- in the state of Arizona disappeared for a while.

No big deal right? Maybe, but where are the 160,000 votes that are still outstanding? Yup, you heard me right. OUTSTANDING – as in – not yet counted!

Counties come and they go randomly from the count. Where do they go? What happens to them while they are gone? Why do we still have 160,000 ballots yet to be counted?

Why do we have an experiment going on in Yavapai County that CANNOT BE VERIFIED? YUP! The election in Yavapai County cannot be verified because they are experimenting with new equipment.


Or has this been the plan all along?


The Air Force is floating a new plan to ground almost a third of the active duty A-10s to train A-10 ground crews to care for the F-35. But lawmakers, military veterans and budget watchdogs are lining up to defend the A-10 as the best plane by far to protect troops in the types of battles we are fighting right now.

The Air Force says the A-10 is a great plane but budgets are so tight it wants the A-10 to make way for newer more sophisticated aircraft, specifically the F-35. Thursday some of the Warthog's toughest defenders went into battle on Capitol Hill.

Senator John Mc Cain, Congressman Ron Barber and other lawmakers defending the A-10 promised to fight the Air Force's latest efforts to retire it. Now budget and policy watchdogs are flying to the A-10's defense.

The Tactical Air Control Party, commonly abbreviated TACP, is reaching out to Secretary's Hage and James and SASC and HASC Chairmen and Ranking Members. TACPs advise ground commanders on the best use of air power. They also establish and maintain command and control communications, control air traffic and naval gunfire and provide precision terminal attack guidance of U.S. and coalition close air support. Since the Korean War, TACP’s have deployed and served our country in every engagement. TACP’s were in Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Kosovo, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and other operations around the world. With that much experience and expertise, perhaps their recomendations will be heard. The Project on Government Oversight says with conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria the Air Force wants to retire the A-10 for ".. reasons that defy combat needs and budgetary logic", while it looks for ways to buy more sophisticated F-35s not specialized to protect troops. Analyst Ethan Rosenkranz says, "It would cost at least 400 million dollars (a year) to retain the A-10. That's the cost of purchasing two F-35s that are not yet operational." The Project On Government Oversight says it will probably be at least a couple of years before the F-35 is operational and it's a false argument to suggest the A-10 is getting in the way of the F-35.

Inclusions in this post;

  • TACP-A Letter to SASC and HASC Chairmen and Ranking Members
  • TACP-A Letter to Secretary Hagel
  • TACP-A Letter to Secretary James

Watch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_TzcowduSw

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 18:52

Stage Set For McSally A-10 Save

By By James T. Harris and Loretta Hunnicutt

At every opportunity USAF Chief of Staff General James Welsh has described A-10 supporters as “emotional.” The marginalization by patronization had been an effective political strategy thanks to the help of a handful of politically motivated news outlets.

The HASC A-10 melodrama, As The Propeller Turns, plays out in the media to play the public.

A-10 supporters are portrayed as the reckless protagonists. Hopeless romantics, sentimental saps. General Welsh plays the “voice of reason,” and the politicians? They are the scheming divas manipulating the players to serve their reelection ambitions.

In his piece, Jeremy Herb for Politico, reports that the HASC budget includes A-10 funding, but not retirement language. According to Herb, “the House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry has set aside “$683 million in his defense authorization bill to keep the A-10 flying next fiscal year.”

Herb alleges that the bill, “does not include an explicit prohibition on retiring the A-10 Warthog,” in order to allow Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) “to offer the amendment to prohibit the Warthog’s retirement.”


Where have we heard that before? If memory serves, the Republicans made the same accusation about Barber. They claimed, in the run-up to the 2014 election, in which Barber was challenged by McSally, that Barber was deliberately playing politics with the A-10 by saving it at the last minute to lock up his re-election.

Ahhhh the politics of R’s and D’s.

While the allegations are true for both politicos in part, divas will do what they must do; questioning their commitment to the aircraft at this point is for entertainment purposes only. There is no doubt that they were and are acting in a political manner, but the fight over the A-10 has never been anything but political.

Pure politics by politicians in and out of the Air Force.

We know that the most effective political strategy is one that appeals to people’s emotions. Even reason is wrapped in emotion in order to sell it to the masses. Can’t sell your soap if the masses only believe it will make them more than clean. It must make “take you away,” or “magically transform” the consumer.

No one could call the strategy by the USAF as one based on reason. It is unreasonable to mothball a perfectly capable aircraft – the only one that can truly provide CAS – when you don’t have a replacement. As a result, they must resort to demeaning A-10 supports because even the most skilled Madison Avenue denizen couldn’t sell their lye.

In a political piece for the New York Times, McSally writes, “… if we retire the A-10 before a replacement is developed, American troops will die.”

She is right. Is that statement emotional, reasonable, and political? Yes. Is it true? You bet it is.

So while the complicated sausage making process makes for a good plot line, the bottom line is all that matters. The bottom line is that the A-10 provides the troops on the ground the best possible chance of returning to their breakfast tables at home, to pass around heaping platters of scrambled eggs, bacon and yes – sausage – on a beautiful Sunday morning somewhere in the freest country on earth.

Huh, that sounds more like a Walton’s episode, not Young and the Restless.

If this were a Walton’s episode instead, General Welsh would be the shady snake oil salesman. If he dared to call the hundreds of extraordinarily disciplined JTACs, gunnery sergeants, and pilots, who are fighting for the A-10; emotional, he would be run out of town and the honorable men and women of Walnut Grove would save the day.

We do not have honorable men and women in DC, but they do play the part on t.v. So, lights, camera, action – Take 1: As the Propeller Turns –McSally Saves the A-10. Can’t wait to watch. We are the emotional types and love happy endings.

The public is encouraged to contact the following representatives to urge their support for the planned amendments:

House Appropriations Committee – Defense

• Rodney Frelinghuysen, New Jersey, Chairman
• Kay Granger, Texas, Vice Chair
• Ander Crenshaw, Florida
• Ken Calvert, California
• Tom Cole, Oklahoma
• Steve Womack, Arkansas
• Robert Aderholt, Alabama
• John Carter, Texas
• Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida
• Tom Graves, Georgia
• Pete Visclosky, Indiana, Ranking Member
• Betty McCollum, Minnesota
• Steve Israel, New York
• Tim Ryan, Ohio
• C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Maryland
• Marcy Kaptur, Ohio

James T. Harris, is ringmaster of the Conservative Circus, weekday afternoons on 104.1 KQTH. Loretta Hunnicutt is the founder of American Daily Independent news network. Find her columns at the American Daily Independent news websites.

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