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James T Harris

Radio talk show host, conservative commentator, Beautiful Man. James T. Harris is the Ring Master of The Conservative Circus heard on 104.1 FM  KQTH

Thursday, 27 April 2017 16:28


James T. Harris appeared on Good Morning America as part of a national panel of talk radio hosts, to discuss President Donald Trump's first 100 days.

Harris hosts "The James T. Harris Show" from 4 to 7 p.m. weekdays. The outspoken personality has appeared on several national radio and TV programs.


Wednesday, 26 April 2017 15:46

Freedom Of Speech?

We are at war.

If the Democrats are allowed to post a picture of Captain America holding Trumps severed head, then Republicans are allowed to post a picture of Wonder Woman holding Obama's severed head.

But two wrongs don't make a right, right? Not in this case. We need to understand that there is a war against free speech. Democrats are allowed to be vile, disgusting and use inappropriate words without being called out. Well, so should conservatives! Free speech protects them from saying those things and it protects us as well. Why aren't we using their strategy against them?

Trump is President because he broke the rules, he made you uncomfortable. The first amendment is under assault. The left dictates the terms. Conservatives need to be better at using free speech.



It looks Like President Elect Donald J. Trump is selecting his cabinet based on the content of their character rather than their ethnicity, sexual preference or other stupid liberal criteria.

Friday, 02 December 2016 04:41

What Differnce At This Point Does It Make?

What difference at this point does it make? That is the question we have to ask those who want to continue to desecrate the Clintons' corpses.

They are dead already; their careers are over for all intents and purposes. Hillary all but destroyed Bill's legacy. That is a shame. Bill was the last best president the democrats had. He certainly was better than Obama.

As the clear heir to the presidency, Republicans had to keep reminding us of Hillary's what difference does it make outburst in order to burst her presidential bubble. That is fine; that is how the game is played.

The Republicans who played that game didn't win. The Republican, who judged her guilty won. Trump didn't tortuously connect the dots in some quasi-academic exercise. He simply said, "Crooked Hillary."

That was enough.

Everyone knew what was going on and they really didn't care. Trump pronounced her guilty and then moved on to what they DID and DO care about; jobs. Prosperity. Safety...


The truth of the matter is that the legacy that matters is not Hillary's, but Obama's. Remember, it was Obama that put Hillary in the position to botch Benghazi. He put our men and women in danger in order to protect himself from the dangers a disenfranchised Clinton could bring to bear.

She had no business being Secretary of State. She really didn't have enough experience to be in a cabinet position at all. It is Obama's legacy that matters. It is his legacy, if left unexamined that will continue to hurt this country.

So, if you insist on focusing on the Clintons, make it matter. Itemize all of their actions, and inactions and pledge that a Republican administration will not do the same.

A Trump administration will never:

1) Give the appearance that anyone but the American people are benefitting from this deal or that project.

2) And on and on and on.......

If you must focus on the Clintons, do it for a better future. If it is simply because you can't move on, have at it. But first ask yourself one question: Is you hate for the Clintons stronger than your love this country?

This is the latest. Many Americans are nervous about the elections but what the should be nervous about is the power of the main stream media and what they are hiding!


If this rant reflects a national sentiment, the GOP just screwed the pooch.

The latest scandal to engulf the Trump campaign revolves around lewd comments he made over a hot mic, back in 2005. The mainstream media and The GOP were quick to pounce and denounce Donald Trump (and just days before the second Presidential debate) but the backlash against them was quick and severe.  

Did the GOP miscalculate? 

That remains to be seen but at the time of this posting, my latest rant has over 700K views and is quickly approaching a million! I think that means I struck a nerve! (I've been doing that a lot lately!)  Four weeks from now all will be decided. 

Here's the latest...

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 15:52

The Legacy Rant Goes Viral!

His legacy? President Obama is worried about his legacy?

Well, I just couldn't sit and listen to Obama fret about his legacy when it is his legacy that has left us nearly in ruin!


In my latest viral rant, I launch on the President's recent comments and tell him just what his legacy is – not what he hopes it will be. 

You can check out the rant below!

What a week! A viral video, two appearances of Hannity, two interviews with the BBC and a GREAT week of radio!

In cased you missed it, the lovely Eboni Williams (FOX News contributor) and The Beautiful Man (me), sat down with Hannity to talk Trump. Can Trump convince Americans of African Descent to ditch the Democrat Party?

That's going to be a tough row to hoe!

Check out the video below.

Saturday, 20 August 2016 14:58

Dispelling media mythology worldwide!

Not many people can rise and shine so brilliantly, on such short notice, and do an interview on the world stage...

Then there is me... The Beautiful Man!

Where there is revisionist history, I will be there to set things straight! It's the BBC interview, folks!

In all seriousness, I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts nationally and on the world stage. What I love about radio is that you get more time to expound on your thoughts, respond to challenges, and shape your own narrative. Radio gives you time and flexibility that TV often cannot. In this interview, I got a chance to say everything that I wanted to say on Fox News highly-rated Sean Hannity show. Nothing against TV, it's just... I am a radio guy!

Now about the interview...

When you consider what years of progressive policies have done to the American family (particularly the black family), it should be easy to see that the Democrat Party is not your friend. You need look no further than the state of the black family.

Given that reality... What do Americans of African Descent (or any Americans for that matter) have to lose by ditching Democrat policies?

Listen to the BBC interview below.

I have become my father. My sons are becoming my father's son. That is the way it is supposed to be...


But we don't live in an ideal world. We live in my old neighborhood, Sherman Park. You know – the one in Milwaukee that was on fire last weekend. It was set on fire after a black cop shot a black criminal.

That is what we are told.

What we are not told is our communities have been on fire long before the first match was struck in Ferguson. Across the country, our communities have been smoldering since the first father was sent away from the home by the brain trust behind the Great Society.

The Great Society started to slowly stoke the flames by turning the working poor into the idle poor – in order to receive government assistance. A family could only receive government assistance if there was a single mother. So "welfare" actually incentivized fathers to say, "well, see ya," so mom and kids could have a better life. Goodbye daddy, your family is better off without you. At least financially. Come around every once in a while, but make sure no one knows you're here.

And they left...by the generations...dutifully.

Is it really that mysterious what has happened to entire generations of young men of African descent? No, it isn't.
What can a boy become when he has no father to emulate? Lost. What can a boy become when he has only criminals to admire? Drug dealers and scammers. What does a boy become when he can only watch a struggling single mother navigate poverty? Angry and rightly so.

Yes, it's true that there were fathers who stuck around and provided for their families – often with smaller paychecks than the government was handing out. I know, because my father was one of those hardworking fathers who refused to believe the broken promises of the not-so-great society.

I've always admired my father for the example he set for me and my sister. But his example was too often the exception to the rule.
Without fathers at home, so many of our inner-city neighborhoods began to crumble. For the many years I lived in Sherman Park, it was on the precipice. It did not crumble, but the foundations were wearing away, and there were visible cracks in a once-solid structure.

For generations before, Sherman Park was known as a true community – and in some pockets it still is – but as the number of aimless, hopeless and misguided young men increased, even the once-strong Sherman Park is having trouble standing.

I prefer for the federal government to stay out of family business. But if it has to intercede, it should do so in ways that keep families together. Instead it has served as an agent of destruction.

What would my father say if he were alive today? I look at my sons, and I thank God that I had his example to follow.

Read original article here: https://arizonadailyindependent.com/2016/08/17/fathers-sons-and-sherman-park/


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