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What Differnce At This Point Does It Make?

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What difference at this point does it make? That is the question we have to ask those who want to continue to desecrate the Clintons' corpses.

They are dead already; their careers are over for all intents and purposes. Hillary all but destroyed Bill's legacy. That is a shame. Bill was the last best president the democrats had. He certainly was better than Obama.

As the clear heir to the presidency, Republicans had to keep reminding us of Hillary's what difference does it make outburst in order to burst her presidential bubble. That is fine; that is how the game is played.

The Republicans who played that game didn't win. The Republican, who judged her guilty won. Trump didn't tortuously connect the dots in some quasi-academic exercise. He simply said, "Crooked Hillary."

That was enough.

Everyone knew what was going on and they really didn't care. Trump pronounced her guilty and then moved on to what they DID and DO care about; jobs. Prosperity. Safety...


The truth of the matter is that the legacy that matters is not Hillary's, but Obama's. Remember, it was Obama that put Hillary in the position to botch Benghazi. He put our men and women in danger in order to protect himself from the dangers a disenfranchised Clinton could bring to bear.

She had no business being Secretary of State. She really didn't have enough experience to be in a cabinet position at all. It is Obama's legacy that matters. It is his legacy, if left unexamined that will continue to hurt this country.

So, if you insist on focusing on the Clintons, make it matter. Itemize all of their actions, and inactions and pledge that a Republican administration will not do the same.

A Trump administration will never:

1) Give the appearance that anyone but the American people are benefitting from this deal or that project.

2) And on and on and on.......

If you must focus on the Clintons, do it for a better future. If it is simply because you can't move on, have at it. But first ask yourself one question: Is you hate for the Clintons stronger than your love this country?


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