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White Guilt Leads To Epic Rant

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In the very same parking lot where Gabby Giffords was shot and six people were killed by a deranged gunman, a woman of 'privilege' walked up to me to apologize for how "my people" have been mistreated.

My people.

By "my people" she didn't mean the upper middle-class... she meant African Americans... killed by the police.

It has always amused me how the very people who claim to value the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, often miss the spirit of his message. This nice lady did not see the fine character of my vehicle, or contents of my grocery bags, she only saw the color of my skin. She assumed.... (and you know what happens when you assume) that I would accept her apology on behalf of black people for the wrongs that the police have perpetuated on "my people."

My people.

That didn't happen. After I explained to her just how wrong she was – in the most polite terms and manner – she further complicated things by saying that I was articulate! As if, after eight years of Obama, it is still a surprise to find another articulate American of African descent!

I guess Obama has been so articulate, so masterful in his delivery of cups of sorrow disguised as Kool-Aid, that liberal Americans of European descent now feel the need to apologize to "African Americans."

Things didn't go as planned. It led to an epic video rant that has since gone viral. You can watch the rant here. If you like it, please share it.

So, yeah I will take an apology. I will take an apology from anyone who judges me on the color of my skin and not the content of my character. But DO NOT apologize to me for the deaths of thugs with whom I share nothing in common EXCEPT the color of my skin.

If my rant has brought you to this site...



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