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Believeland! vs. Fakeville? (Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!)

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If you listened to my show last Thursday, you knew how the 2016 NBA Finals were going to play out. I called it... right down to LeBron James crying over the championship he brought to Cleveland.

How could I be so right after everything was going so wrong for Cleveland?

You need look no further than Draymond Green being suspended for Game 5 after the LeBron James "incident." To me, the unprecedented, inexplicable, unjustifiable next day suspension of Draymond Green, when no foul was called during the game, is akin to Candy Crowley bailing out Obama in the 2012 debate. Both incidents seemingly came out of nowhere and changed the trajectory of their respective contest.

"Get the transcripts, Candy! Get the transcripts!" "Uh, uh, uh... the President is right, Gov. Romney..." "Can you say that a little louder, Candy?"

Unprecedented. Inexplicable. Rigged.

Mitt Romney's campaign never really recovered, but what I found most shocking was that everyone just went along with it! No one questioned the moment. No one yelled, "The system is rigged!" Life just returned to... Normal?

After game 5, NBC (the same network carrying the NBA Finals) aired The Jimmy Kimmel Show. One of the featured segments was a spoof of Draymound Green running around kicking people in the balls!

I call that advancing the narrative. NBC (Candy Crawley) was justifying the NBA's nefarious call.

I know... tin foil hat time, right?

It wasn't until the aftermath of Game 6 that truth was spoken too close to home. For the first time in Steph Curry's career, he was ejected from a game. The league MVP was kicked out of the game after he lost his cool on a questionable 6th foul. The tomfoolery was too much for his wife. In an ill-fated tweet, Ayesha Curry wrote, ""I've lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money... Or ratings in not sure which. I won't be silent. Just saw it live sry."

She later recanted. Then things retuned to... Normal. And the lone star, the true most valuable player – a wife speaking truth to power – was silenced.

Stephen A. Smith, who just a few days earlier said that the NBA opened itself up to doubt with the suspension, later said of Ayesha Curry's tweet, she should learn from LeBron James's wife on how to be a good NBA wife, shut the tweet up and sit there and support your husband in silence. What Smith didn't say, but came dangerously close to saying was... Don't expose the scam!

Too late!

Ayesha essentially tweeted, 'The Emperor has no clothes!" Because there are some things you just can't unsee, or unhear, or unknow. In other words, game 6.

People who say to me, "it's just sports" or "Cleveland still had to win their games," miss the point.

Sorry folks, the NBA dropped all pretenses of decorum and impartiality by siding with LeBron's "Believe" and "win one for Cleveland" narrative. In so doing, a gigantic television audience was able to observe another marquee event in the NBA's slide into triviality. Right before our eyes, the NBA sold out its integrity. They have gone the way of boxing. They are no more real than Kim Kardashian's assets.

Big. Fake. Grotesque. And yet... Millions watch and BELIEVE! Others suspend logic and bask it the lies of the Matrix. That big juicy steak that is really just a blue pill. But gosh does it ever tastes good!

In your HEAD!

For me, this NBA series like the 2012 debates, has had a profound impact. It has helped me unplug from the Matrix. I have awakened to the fact that when big money is involved, master manipulation is at play... in both sports and politics... FOLLOW THE MONEY and watch late night TV! Do not trust your lying eyes... Unless, that is, "reality TV" is your cup of tea.


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