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President Obama is your 'American Idol'!

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Are we there yet?

If not, rock bottom is going to be a b*tch!  Last night, our dear leader politicized the American Idol finale.

Cold Open. President Obama. Propaganda.

The message: Congratulations to American Idol for changing America and teaching Americans to vote often and enthusiastically. I kid you not. Then the President of the United States called for more change. He hopes to make the political election voting process as easy as voting for an American Idol contest. Have you ever called or texted in a vote on American Idol? Let that sink in for a moment...  

Welcome to fundamental transformation, folks.

Last night's bizzaro address is straight out of the book Amusing Ourselves TO DEATH, a must read for people who want to understand what is happening to our culture because "It is the culture, stupid!" A culture that has become so vapid that we get a media generated president delivering a voter registration speech on a reality TV show!

Welcome to Mike Judge's Idiocracy! President Obama on American Idol was the next step toward Judge's apocalyptic vision.  




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