Wednesday, 23 March 2016 18:21

Backlash against Latina Trump supporter... Not On My Watch!

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I stopped by Sammy's Mexican Grill this morning to show some support. The whole family was busy working the breakfast rush. As I was standing there, calls from hate filled liberals were still coming in! Jorge and his boys man the phones now... He doesn't want his wife to be verbally assaulted anymore.

These are good people, folks.

As their boys headed off to school, Jorge told me that he was humbled by the community response yesterday. The buycott was so overwhelming, the restaurant ran out of food! Then Jorge also told me something that he didn't need to say... He told me that he and his family are not racist.


I hate liberalism. Keep the buycott going folks. We can't let radicals destroy the American dream and this Latino family that has embraced it.
Sammy's Mexican Grill 16502 N Oracle Rd, Catalina, AZ


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