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Meet The New Low Information Voter... Me!

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This is The BEST explination of why Donald Trump is dominating the Republican field. Political pundits across the fruited plain have tried in vain to explain Donald Trump and all have fallen short...

That's because Donald Trump isn't running a presidential campaign. The Donald is running a reality TV competition.

This is why poltical pundents have been left out in the cold. They don't watch 'The Biggest Loser' and so they can't explain the Donald! It has taken someone who isn't a political pundit, but rather a media critic on YouTube, to figure out the game.

Matthew Patrick of 'The Film Theorists' has nailed it! He explains how and why Trump has captured the attention of so many Americans who don't follow politics.

If you are not a fan of reality TV, you need to check this out and find out why we politicos, in this election cycle, are the new low information voter!



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