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Senator Fake's Gang Mistake

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According to the Arizona Daily Star, Senator Jeff the Flake is proud to be a gang member... A gangster. Webster defines gangster: a member of a group of violent criminals;


Not a definition I would want attributed to me, especially as a US Senator, but
Senator "Fake" Oops!, I mean Flake, has different ideals. No scratch that, he doesn't have ideals; he is only driven by what increases his power. Public service, right? Someone worried only about his own gain and not those he pretends to serve. Just like McCain, another Flake, Oops! I meant fake! Two of The Gang of 8 are Arizonans... Sigh. I wonder what Chucky Shumer thinks about the A-10? Is he on the same page as Senator Flake? The Arizona Daily Star reported Flakes latest positon of the fate of the A-10. When asked, "Would you support retiring the A-10 as a cost-saving measure?" Flake replied: "The long-term schedule is for the F-35 to take the place of the A-10.The problem is right now you don’t have anything to fill the A-10’s slot to provide close air support. The F-35 is a long way off.Ultimately, if the F-35 can take that place, fine. But in the interim, we “probably need the A-10. I don’t think the A-10 mission will end quickly."

"I don't think the A-10 mission will end quickly." Nice... More 'fakiness' from Flake seeing he reciently voted against extending the life of A-10. I think Flake should have stopped at, "I don't think..."

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