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Attention Tucson! Here are your A-10 Talking Points.

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Connect the dots.. la, la, la la… Attention Tucson! Here are your Talking Points.

Earlier this month Frank Antenori repeated Jeff Flakes talking points on Emil (I stab at thee!) Franzi’s blog. I have learned in my short time here that Emil is the hit man for Ray Carroll and the GOP establishment. (Who by the way, I no longer speak for.)

Now Antenori is telling Tucson to move on, that the A-10 will be mothballed, “it’s inevitable” and that what we really need is… WAIT FOR IT!... New technologies! Sort of like the kind Raytheon makes! Where Frank works… Hey, I ain’t mad! I’m just asking why can’t we do both? I mean save the A-10 UNTIL we develop new technologies? Why must one be done without the other if Close Air Support is the objective? Well because CAS is not the priority.

Connect the dots la,la, la, la!

Don’t look now but Doug Ducey has weighed in. Ducey is shaping up to be the GOP establishment pick for Gov. of Arizona. Doug is cool and Lord knows I love da ice cream, HOWEVER, what’s this shiggady I read in the Arizona Daily Star? Big D.D. shared “his” thoughts on Davis Monthan and the A-10 with this little ditty, “The key will be to avoid second-guessing the military's decision to adopt new weapon systems.”

Whaaaaaaaat? Paging Jeff Flake, Paging Senator Jeff Flake, Frank Antenori and Doug Ducey have stolen your talking points!

Side Bar! Ducey didn’t say that when I asked him about the A-10. Now I’m wondering how many companies besides Raytheon in AZ develop weapon systems? Just saying.

Connect the dots la,la, la, la!

Enter the wing men (and woman). Everyone knows that McSally just fired most of her staff. (You did know that, right?) The campaign is in crisis. They ran out of gas… *Snicker

Establishment Panic ensues. I mean Speaker Boehner did raise a lot of cash for this cast of characters!

Now, lo and behold, Ray Carroll and Ramon Valadez write an op-ed in… Wait for it, WAIT FOR IT… The Arizona Daily Star! They repeat Flake's talking points and promote Congressman Ron ‘Crispy Chicken’ Barber all in one shot. (I guess if the first female A-10 pilot flames out ya gotta for the Crispy Chicken. It’s fried and true!

What about Chuck Wooden you say? Yes, he is Air Force and actually knows the issue inside out, outside in and up-side-down? No! That’s why he would make a bad choice Plus he’s conservative. ‘We are the establishment, stupid! Conservatives need not apply.’

Connect the dots! La, la, la, la!

When you think about it, there was a disturbing dot in Ducey’s argument in the Arizona Daily Star on encroachment. He was referring to Pima County and the recent purchase of land with Military Installation Funds. Now the purchase could be part of a wider strategy to perpetuate the myth that the F-35 will come to Tucson and they must buy land to stop encroachment for it because….

Naaaaa! Probably just the same ole graft that is bankrupting, handcuffing the County while enriching the usual suspects. That’s my guess.

In the mean time…

No matter how you slice it the dots line up against the A-10. Don’t ask questions! Doug said so! Plus Frank says it’s a done deal and McSally got ejected from her cockpit and well, Flake is a flake. Just bend over and grab the ankles Tucson because according to the blue pill bobble heads it’s not about the mission, it’s about the politicians and hey… They’re just not into you.

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