Wednesday, 15 January 2014 22:34

Pima County’s 6 Million-Dollar Man?

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Meet Martin Willet. He is the Deputy Chief County Administrator for Pima County and #2 guy to Chuck Huckleberry.

He’s also an avid bike rider who recently took a spill on Tucson’s stellar streets.

According to the lawsuit that he filed AGAINST the county, he was hurt bad, real bad. So much so that his wife’s law firm is suing you and me (the taxpayers of Pima County) for a whopping 6 Million dollars!

(Actually he’s suing for 5 Mill, his wife’s pain and suffering goes for a million.) *Sniff Turns out he healed in time to attend the Governors State of the State address, I’m told he walked to the Pima County table (where he was greeted by The Chuckster himself) without a cane or a wheelchair.

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