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Flake's Guy Flakes Out! It is often said in leadership that attitudes flow from the top down...Well?

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It is often said in leadership that attitudes flow from the top down. With Senator Jeff Flake at the helm is there any wonder that his staffer flaked out??? In an event in Tubac that was billed as an opportunity to talk with Senator Flake’s staffers, the host of the event was late…and alone. All alone. In fact, the only person that showed up for the event (on time I might add) was the reporter who shared this picture.


The reporter asked some difficult questions, like “How did you promote this event?” The answer? Via email to Senator Flake’s supporters. When asked why Sen. Jeff Flake will not support the A-10, the staffer said that he would “submit a constituent action form about it.” He looked very uncomfortable and declared that he had to go to the bathroom. As the reporter left the building this picture was taken.


The staffer was spotted running far from the building and making a frantic phone call. When he returned from ‘the bathroom’ it was confirmed with the staffer that not one of Sen. Jeff Flake’s friends attended his event in Tubac. On his way out, the staffer was heard telling the receptionist that he would be back someday.

The receptionist shouldn’t count on it.

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