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Cowboys vs. Clippers How Race is losing the West.

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It could be a great match up, the NFL vs. the NBA… only I’m comparing the supporters of Cliven Bundy (cowboys) to the supporters of the L.A. Clippers (race hustling poverty pimps)

Notice the two responses to ownership crisis… patriotism vs. racial grievance.

Bundy’s cowboys are patriots, willing to peacefully sacrifice their lives for the principles that built this nation and made it strong. The League of Justice Brothas (Al & Jesse) and their legion of protestors are demanding racial reparations in the form of a man’s property because… wait for it… Clippers owner Donald Sterling doesn’t like black people!


Bundy’s cowboys were armed, yet raised their empty hands and advanced in peaceful protest against a tyrannical land grab by an out of control federal government…

Meanwhile race hustlers, including POTUS, advance on an NBA team owner holding signs of moral indignation, economic boycott and threats of property redistribution because they don’t like the racist things he said.

Clippers players turned their jerseys inside out, demanding nothing… except solidarity in collecting that paycheck!

And just think, Cliven Bundy is the racist for asking if the Negro would be better off working on a plantation…


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