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The Scott Walker Interview

A day after the game changing Wisconsin primary which revived Ted cruz presidential run, Governor Scott Walker visits The Conservative Circus to talk Cruz, Trump and the power of talk radio.


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This you've got to hear!

Captain Arizona, otherwise known as former state representative Adam Kwasman, called in to the James T. Harris show today to give us color commentary on an incident that happened in an Arizona State University (ASU) law class earlier this morning.

Now we have all heard of professors brainwashing the minds of their students - it happens on American campuses every day. BUT, it isn't very often that we actually get to hear a professor doing it! And it's not every day that there is a ringer sitting in the class who is willing to take on the liberal/socialist agenda.

Listen closely.... The first person speaking is the law student referencing Senator Ted Cruz. Professor Josh Dressler, during his Criminal Law class, then makes his statement about Cruz and the Jews. That's when former state representative and Jewish member of Cruz's state leadership speaks up, tears off his suit and tie, and becomes Captain Arizona! Kwasman, in his role as Captain, interrupts Professor Dressler in an epic smack down and puts him in his place. I don't think Dressler knew who he had sitting in his class, or I doubt he would have politicked his Criminal Law lecture.

"I wasn't going to let him get away with poisoning people's minds," said Captain Arizona, otherwise known as Adam Kwasman.

On The James T. Harris Show, Kwasman told us about the reaction of his younger Millenial classmates and his after-class conversation with Professor Dressler.

Listen here.




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