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On Monday, Jose Orlando Campuzano-Miranda was sentenced to a mere 10.5 years after he was found guilty on 27 different charges for his involvement in the invasion of three Tucson homes back in May. Six people, including a minor beneath the age of twelve, had their lives changed forever when they were held up at gun point and threatened in Spanish as the contents of their homes were taken three illegal aliens.

This is scary stuff you can finish the article here.

Our Millennial Man On The Street, David Ahumada was in the courtroom. Listen here to his first hand account of the proceedings. 




Saturday, 25 June 2016 21:13

Jessica M. Vaughan

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Jessica is the best spokespersons on any aspect of immigration...brilliant but able to parlay complex information down to a level that makes it real, relevant and compelling.

Jessica M. Vaughan is director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, D.C.-based research institute that examines the impact of immigration on American society. She has been with the Center since 1992.

Jessica's most noteworthy recent work includes documenting the collapse of immigration enforcement under the Obama administration; the release of tens of thousands of criminal aliens; and the issuance of 7.4 million extralegal work permits since 2009. In addition, she writes frequently on the public safety problems created by the government's failure to control immigration.

Prior to joining the Center, Mrs. Vaughan was a Foreign Service Officer with the State Department.

This interview provided the "AH HA!" moment to the whole illegal issue. As Ms. Vaughan spoke, things became crystal clear. The administration is doing it to us on purpose! You've always felt it, Jessica Vaughn flawlessly connects the dots in a way that will help you explain it.

Saturday, 25 June 2016 20:45

Rusty Fleming

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Rusty Fleming is the director of the hard-hitting feature documentary Drug Wars, a modern horror film about the Mexican drug cartels and how they operate along the border. Amazingly, he was able to convince one of the key cartel players to allow his film crew to go inside their operation.

Rusty's most recent project is the non-profit "Operation Detour", an aggressive anti-drug and gang campaign. Producing two films and presenting to over one million students, teachers, and parents across the Southwest border region, Fleming uncovers the drug cartels' invasion of American schools and their efforts to recruit young, promising kids into their modern day paramilitary organizations.

Rusty is recognized by national media and law enforcement agencies as an expert on border security and the Mexican drug cartels. He is a gutsy, colorful storyteller and an extraordinary guest opportunity. Book Rusty together with one of the sheriffs and you've got yourself a Mexican Drug Violence summit all in one.

This interview freaked me out. It is beyond brutal and it's happening in America, ON OUR SIDE OF THE BORDER! I asked Rusty about the Hollywood blockbuster Sicario... He said, "they did a good job. They got close..." Not as close as Rusty Fleming

Saturday, 25 June 2016 20:23

Sheriff Paul Babeu

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Pinal County is one of the top pass-through counties in America for drug and human smuggling, ground zero in the fallout over America's unsecured Southern border. Pinal County contains an estimated 100 drug cartel cells and listening posts/observation posts, used to facilitate the illegal transportation of people and narcotics into the United States. There have been cartel murders on residential streets, cold blooded executions, and attacks on law enforcement.

Sheriff Babeu and his Deputies enforce ALL of the laws and have brought a heavy hand of enforcement against the Mexican drug cartels. Sheriff Babeu led a multi-agency operation which scored the largest drug bust in Arizona history, smashing the Sinaloa Cartel's $3 billion dollar drug smuggling operation, arresting 76 cartel members, seizing 108 weapons including scoped rifles, AK-47's and two guns from "Operation Fast and Furious." President Obama's response: erect billboard signs in Pinal County warning U.S. citizens it's not safe to travel.

Last year, his deputies arrested and prosecuted twenty-one Mexican drug cartel members.

Sheriff Babeu has emerged as a national leader on border security, and an outspoken critic of the Federal government's failure to fulfill their most solemn obligation-to keep us safe. He has also has testified
several times before Congress.

Sherriff Babeu is a friend to the show and always gives us the time and a great interview.

On March 2, 2008, Jamiel Shaw's son, Jamiel Shaw, II, (nickname "Jas") was assassinated by an illegal alien gangbanger who had been released from jail the day before.

The illegal alien who murdered Jamiel had three prior gun charges, yet he was still put back onto the streets. Within hours of his release he was driving around Los Angeles with a gun and according to the local sheriff, "was looking for a black male to kill."

Jamiel's son was just three houses away from home when the illegal alien approached him. He shot Jas twice. According to the district attorney, Jas was murdered because of the color of his skin.

Since his son's murder, Jamiel has traveled across the country speaking out against illegal immigration, often appearing with Donald Trump at rallies. He is working with Rep. Walter Jones, Jr. (R-Calif.) on H.R. 1041, The Jamiel Shaw II, Memorial Act of 2015-2016.

Additionally, Jamiel is working on Jamiel's Law, a proposed ordinance that would refuse "sanctuary city" protection to any illegal alien gang member in the city of Los Angeles.

Our time on air was truncated but before it was over, Mr. Shaw laid waste to Rep. Maxine Waters and other black Democrats who accuse him of allowing "the white man" to use him over the murder of his son!


Listen to the interview and I promise you... There is much more to come.

Saturday, 25 June 2016 19:35

Ranchers Fred & Peggy Davis

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Fred and Peggy Davis Arizona Cattle Ranchers

Fred and Peggy Davis are cattle ranchers from Tombstone, Arizona in Cochise County. The entire Davis family lives on the six-generation Davis Ranch 25 miles north of the Mexican border.
Fred's great grandfather came to southern Arizona in 1867. Fred is a 4th generation, his children are 5th, and his grandchildren are 6th generation ranchers.

Now unfortunately, the Davis's ranch is being overrun by illegal aliens and drug runners. Peggy says, "I spend days like a prisoner in my own home. Local ranchers like us in the rural areas of the four border states have had our homes vandalized. Stock waters have been drained causing severe illness and death to livestock and wildlife. Trash litters the country-side, drug runners run amok and have burned hundreds of thousands of acres of grassland and forest. Health of livestock and citizens are at risk. "We are constantly vigilant and fear for the safety of ourselves and our friends and family."

While numbers are down, the aliens who are crossing are extremely dangerous. "If we don't secure the border now, America's sovereignty is a thing of the past".

This is the 5th year that Fred and Peggy have attended Hold Their Feet to the Fire. They will be soon featured in Border Cowboys, a network reality show focusing on the challenges of ranching near the Mexican border. Filming begins in the fall.

They did not fail to entertain and in for in my interview with them.

Saturday, 25 June 2016 19:14

Don Rosenberg

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Don Rosenberg's son Drew was killed by illegal alien. He is the founder of unlicensedtokill.org

Don's world was suddenly upended when his son Drew was killed by an illegal alien driver in San Francisco. This tragedy – and the inability to get justice for his son Drew – repurposed Don's life and he now spends his days passionately fighting to keep illegal alien drivers off the road and educating state and national leaders about the need to regain control of the nation's borders.

Don says he honestly wishes he knew nothing about the immigration issue, but life has forced him to become an expert.

Prepare yourself... This interview is literally jaw dropping!