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Sheriff Paul Babeu

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Pinal County is one of the top pass-through counties in America for drug and human smuggling, ground zero in the fallout over America's unsecured Southern border. Pinal County contains an estimated 100 drug cartel cells and listening posts/observation posts, used to facilitate the illegal transportation of people and narcotics into the United States. There have been cartel murders on residential streets, cold blooded executions, and attacks on law enforcement.

Sheriff Babeu and his Deputies enforce ALL of the laws and have brought a heavy hand of enforcement against the Mexican drug cartels. Sheriff Babeu led a multi-agency operation which scored the largest drug bust in Arizona history, smashing the Sinaloa Cartel's $3 billion dollar drug smuggling operation, arresting 76 cartel members, seizing 108 weapons including scoped rifles, AK-47's and two guns from "Operation Fast and Furious." President Obama's response: erect billboard signs in Pinal County warning U.S. citizens it's not safe to travel.

Last year, his deputies arrested and prosecuted twenty-one Mexican drug cartel members.

Sheriff Babeu has emerged as a national leader on border security, and an outspoken critic of the Federal government's failure to fulfill their most solemn obligation-to keep us safe. He has also has testified
several times before Congress.

Sherriff Babeu is a friend to the show and always gives us the time and a great interview.

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