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Ranchers Fred & Peggy Davis

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Fred and Peggy Davis Arizona Cattle Ranchers

Fred and Peggy Davis are cattle ranchers from Tombstone, Arizona in Cochise County. The entire Davis family lives on the six-generation Davis Ranch 25 miles north of the Mexican border.
Fred's great grandfather came to southern Arizona in 1867. Fred is a 4th generation, his children are 5th, and his grandchildren are 6th generation ranchers.

Now unfortunately, the Davis's ranch is being overrun by illegal aliens and drug runners. Peggy says, "I spend days like a prisoner in my own home. Local ranchers like us in the rural areas of the four border states have had our homes vandalized. Stock waters have been drained causing severe illness and death to livestock and wildlife. Trash litters the country-side, drug runners run amok and have burned hundreds of thousands of acres of grassland and forest. Health of livestock and citizens are at risk. "We are constantly vigilant and fear for the safety of ourselves and our friends and family."

While numbers are down, the aliens who are crossing are extremely dangerous. "If we don't secure the border now, America's sovereignty is a thing of the past".

This is the 5th year that Fred and Peggy have attended Hold Their Feet to the Fire. They will be soon featured in Border Cowboys, a network reality show focusing on the challenges of ranching near the Mexican border. Filming begins in the fall.

They did not fail to entertain and in for in my interview with them.

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