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James T Harris - The Beautiful Man

For the past 20 years James T. has transformed how audiences approach generations by captivating them with the knowledge of generational seasons and cultural cycles. This societal understanding allows audiences to filter current events through a clarifying lens. It also helps companies to plan for and adapt to both the coming of age Millennial generation and the yet to be defined Cybergeneration following behind them.

In today's socioeconomic climate, James T.'s generational work has taken on new significance as events unfold across the nation in keeping with his prescient knowledge of the effects the culture of generations. Both political/governmental structures and international companies realize cultural barriers are also influenced by generational and cyclical factors. Because of this, both institutions and corporations alike have relied on James T. to inform and refocus their workforce on the opportunities instead of the challenges presented by generational differences. 

James T. Harris has traveled across the globe and has managed to get lost in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and India. Married with 3 children, James T. stays hip by buying all the tech toys his millennial children can’t afford and then antagonizing them with Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram updates.


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